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We handle it all right here with local sales, installation, support and 24/7 monitoring.

When it comes to smart home and security the best way to get started to have Michael Harris come out and detail your needs with an estimate. Below are a few examples. Most of our clients choose a combination of environmental and intrusion.

For example:

Environmental Pak: Heat, Smoke, Freeze, Carbon Monoxide and Flood Monitoring. You might want to add glass breaking or motion detectors? Maybe a camera watching your your driveway or dock?

Basic Intrusion Pak: Window and Door Contacts, Motion with pet immunity, and Glass Break with an added Key Fob for convenience.  Add freeze and flood detection by the sump pump. 

Our system is completely upgradable allowing you to add more options at a later date. We can also incorporate some devices you may already have installed into our system.

You can control your system at home or away with the Control Panel, Smartphone app or a computer.  

Just a Few Options:

  • Environmental

    • Carbon Monoxide

    • Smoke

    • Heat

    • Freeze

    • Flood

    • Water Shutoff

  • Video

    • HD Outdoor

    • HD Indoor (optional 2-way voice feature)

    • Video Doorbell

  • Communication

    • WIFI

    • Cellular

  • Vehicle Tracking

    • Most vehicles made since 1996

    • Large asset tracking

    • Fleet tracking

  • Asset tracking

    • Liquor Cabinets

    • Medicine Cabinets

    • Safes, electronics, paintings, etc.

  • Intrusion

    • Door

    • Windows

    • Motion with pet immunity

    • Glass Break

    • Siren and Strobe

    • Key Fob

    • Panic Button

  • Automation

    • Thermostats

    • Door locks

    • Garage Door

    • Lights



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