WilsonPro 70 Plus

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WilsonPro 70 Plus


Pro 70 PLUS 75 Ohm Yagi/Dome or Yagi/Wall Mount

The Pro 70 Plus from Wilson Electronics amplifies weak cellular signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage - including 4G - inside homes and other buildings where signals may not penetrate.

Like all Wilson boosters, the Pro 70 Plus features cell site protections that prevent any possibility of interference with cell towers.

Kit Includes:

  • Boosts 4G LTE up to 35,000 sq. ft.
  • All Bands, Multi-Carrier Cellular Signal Booster
  • Pro 70 Plus 5-band Amplifier w/ +12db downlink added power, integrated LCD signal strength meter
  • Wide Band Directional Antenna,
    • Variant 460227 4G Dome Antenna 75 ohm w/ 12 in. Pigtail F-Female
    • Variant 460127 Wall Mount Panel Antenna
  • AC/DC Power Supply 12V/3A
  • Lightning Surge Protector
  • 2 ft. RG11 Cable with F Connectors
  • 50 ft. RG11 Cable with F Connectors
  • 75 ft. RG11 Cable with F Connectors
  • No Returns without Site Survey prior to opening
In-Home Antenna:
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